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How to set parental controls

Setting up parental controls is an important step in keeping your family safe online. Select your device or operating system below to get started with a step by step guide

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Setting up an
iPhone or iPad

Here's a handy list of instructions on how to setup iPhones and iPads.


(~13 Minute Setup Time Per Device)

1.  START HERE: We recommend turning on Screen Time to manage specific apps and features on your child's device.

WHY?  Without age appropriate privacy and security settings engaged on devices, the ability for children to access inappropriate content (or for strangers and inappropriate content to access them) creates far too much risk. This is particularly pertinent if you are not able to supervise your children all the times.

  1. Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  2. Tap Continue, then choose "This is My [Device]" or "This is My Child's [Device]".
    If you're setting up Screen Time on your child's device, follow the prompts until you get to the Parent Passcode and enter a passcode. Re-enter the passcode to confirm. 

    Make sure that you choose a passcode that's unique and that your child won't be able to guess. To change or turn off the passcode on your child's device, tap Settings > Screen Time > [your child's name]. Then tap Change Screen Time Passcode, and authenticate the change with Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode.

    *If you forgot your Screen Time passcode, update your device to the latest iOS or iPadOS then reset your passcode. 

2.  Set Content Restrictions

WHY: Parents will want to limit the type of content that is available on their child's devices, including limiting access to adult websites and disabling Siri from allowing Web Search Content. Some parents may want to turn off other features, like Geolocation. Go through each of them manually and decide what to turn on and off for your child. 

  1. Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  2. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. If asked, enter your passcode, then turn on Content & Privacy.
  3. Go through each option and turn off and on what you think is suitable for your child. We recommend the following:
    • Go to Location Services and disable for apps that are games or social media
    • Go to iTunes and App Store Purchases:
      • Disable In-App Purchases
      • Disable Deleting Apps
      • Disable Installing Apps (Recommended for primary-aged children)
      • Turn On 'Always Require Password' (Tip: Don't share the password with kids)
    • Go to Content Restrictions:
      • Music, Podcasts & News: Set to Clean. Repeat this for Books
      • Movies: Change to your suit child's age group. Repeat this for TV Shows
      • Apps: Change to your suit child's age group.
      • Web Content: Limit Adult Websites (you will still need to turn on Google Safe Search)
      • Siri Web Search Content: Don't Allow (Recommended for primary-aged children)
      • Siri Explicit Language: Don't Allow

3.  Schedule Apps to be Disabled During School Time

WHY? Screen time settings on iPads and iPhones allows you to disable the use of certain apps and turn off notifications (except phone calls) during set times. This is a helpful tool in keeping kids on task during their school hours.

  1.  Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  2. Tap 'Downtime'
  3. Turn on 'Downtime', and when the menu appears, select 'Customise Days'
  4. Enter in the school hours relevant to your child (eg. 8.30am-3.00pm, Monday - Friday )
  5. Go back to the Screen Time menu, and tap 'Always Allowed'
  6. In the 'Allowed Apps' select all the apps that you would like to keep accessible during the school hours you set. This might include education apps like Reading Eggs or Mathletics. For teenagers, you may want to allow most apps, except for games and social media apps.
    • You can add more apps to 'Always Allowed' by scrolling down and tap on the green + sign.
    • If you added something you'd like to be disabled during school time, tap the red - sign.
  7. Go back to the Screen Time menu, and tap 'Communication Limits'. 
  8. Tap 'During Downtime' and select 'Specific Contacts'. This will limit who can contact your child during class times you've set. This might be helpful for teenagers if you want to minimise iMessaging during class time. Select contacts that you want to allow communication with during school time (eg. a parent, or sibling)

Note:  These instructions are applicable to setting up your child's devices individually. If you would prefer to setup a Family Group, which will link ALL Apple devices in the home (including Macs), follow the link above.